SPT299-E with hydraulic fly jib

Battery Powered Spider Mini Crane​

Discover more about the SPT 299-E with hydraulic fly jib battery Powered Spider Crane

SPT 299-E Unit Weight 2550kg

No emissions
Indoor suitable

Max boom reach 14.5m (with fly jib)

Max lift capacity 2.95t @ 1.4m

The SPT299E is a battery-powered version of the SPT299 Spider Crane, designed for efficient and eco-friendly operation. This crane is distinguished by its maximum loading capacity of 2.95 tons at a 1.4m radius, providing substantial lifting power for various tasks. It features a working radius of 8.83m at 0.15 tons, offering versatility in handling different sizes of loads. The crane’s ground lifting height reaches up to 9.5m at 0.7 tons, and it also has notable underground lifting capabilities, including a range of 10m-4 fall, 20m-2 fall, and 40m-1 fall.

Technically, the SPT299E is equipped with a reliable battery-powered system, making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional diesel-powered cranes. This feature also allows it to operate with less noise and emissions, making it suitable for indoor use or in areas where noise and pollution are concerns. The crane maintains the key features of the standard SPT299, including its telescopic boom, operational control systems, and safety features, but with the added advantage of battery power for more sustainable and versatile operations.

This crane is ideal for use in urban construction, glass installation, and other scenarios where a combination of power, precision, and eco-friendliness is required.


SPT 299-E Battery operated spider and mini crane for sale australia

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SPT299-E with hydraulic fly jib features and specifications

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