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SPT Crane: Engineering Excellence in Compact Crane Technology. Delivering Mini Cranes across Australia.

As the distributor of SPT Crane products in Australia, we proudly offer their top-tier mini crawler cranes. SPT Cranes. SPT Crane, established in 2015, is renowned for its innovation and quality in crane manufacturing. Their cranes, like the popular SPT299 and SPT499, are celebrated for their safety, versatility, and practicality, making them ideal for various industries. Choosing to resell SPT Crane’s products in Australia, we are bringing efficient and safe lifting solutions to the Australian market, catering to diverse industrial needs with reliability and excellence.

Our Cranes

Explore our comprehensive selection of mini cranes to find the perfect match for your requirements. If you’re uncertain about the best choice for your specific needs, please contact us. Our expert team is readily available to offer guidance and assist you in making an informed decision. Your one stop shop for mini cranes Australia.

Pick and Carry


Unit Weight 1120kg

Extendable track width

Max boom reach 4.2m with fly jib

Max lift capacity 800kg @ 1.2m



Unit Weight 9000kg

Hydraulic lifting and telescoping Jib

Max boom reach 10.3m with fly jib

Max lift capacity 9t @ 0.7m

SG 80

SG 80

SG 80


Pick and Carry

299 Series

Diesel and 3phase electric or full electric battery.

Unit Weight 2980kg.

Hydraulic lifting and telescoping Jib.

Wireless remote control.

Max boom  reach 14.5m with fly jib.

Max lift capacity 2.95t @ 1.4m.

E Series – Battery Powered

SPT<br> 299


SPT 299<br> Hydraulic Jib

SPT 299
Hydraulic Jib

SPT<br> 299E


SPT 299E <br>Hydraulic Jib

SPT 299E
Hydraulic Jib

499 Series

Standard with diesel and 3 phase electric motor.

Unit Weight 6450kg.

Hydraulic lifting and telescoping Jib.

Wireless remote control.

Max boom  reach 22m with fly jib.

Max lift capacity 5t @ 3m. 

SPT<br> 499


SPT 499 <br>Hydraulic Jib

SPT 499
Hydraulic Jib

1009 Series

Standard with diesel and 3phase electric motor

Unit Weight 12150kg

Hydraulic lifting and telescoping Jib

Wireless remote control

Max boom  reach 25m with fly jib

Max lift capacity 10t @ 2.5m

SPT <br>1009


SPT 1009<br> Hydraulic Jib

SPT 1009
Hydraulic Jib

Our Warranty

We offer a comprehensive  warranty on all machine purchases. The warranty includes:

2 Years Factory Warranty on Parts: This part of the warranty ensures that any defects or issues with the parts of the crane are covered for a period of two years from the date of purchase. During this period, if any parts are found to be defective or malfunctioning under normal use, they can be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer at no additional cost.

1 Year Australian Warranty on labour: This aspect of the warranty covers the services related to the repair of the crane for one year from the date of purchase. This means that any labour work needed due to defects or malfunctions (not caused by misuse or external factors) is covered under this warranty for a period of 1 year, ensuring that the crane remains in optimal working condition.

These warranty terms provide assurance to you that your investment is protected against defects and malfunctions for the nominated time period.

Why Choose SPT Cranes?

Choosing SPT cranes offers distinct advantages over other mini crane brands. SPT cranes are renowned for their exceptional quality and adherence to stringent safety standards, aligning with EU regulations. Their design philosophy of “small but excellent, nice quality, safety first” ensures that each crane model is not only efficient in operation but also prioritises operator safety. This commitment to excellence and safety makes SPT cranes a superior choice for handling challenging work environments, providing customers with a reliable and safe lifting solution.

Talk to us about owning your very own mini crane.

mini crane Australia

With 10 cranes in our range, we will find you the perfect one.


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Find the answers here

Mini cranes, particularly mini crawler cranes like those produced by SPT, are compact, mobile cranes designed for lifting in confined spaces. SPT’s range includes models like the SPT299, SPT499, known for their compact size and versatility.

SPT mini cranes have varying lifting capacities, with models like the SPT299 lifting up to 2.9 tons and the SPT499 lifting up to 4.9 tons, demonstrating the significant lifting power of these compact machines.

The smallest SPT mini cranes are compact enough for tight spaces, yet robust in their lifting capacity. Sizes can vary, but they’re designed for ease of manoeuvrability and transport.

The reach of a small crane like those from SPT can vary based on the model. They are engineered for optimal reach and flexibility, catering to different job requirements.

The cost-effectiveness of a crane depends on the specific lifting needs and the environment. SPT cranes are designed to offer a balance of cost, efficiency, and functionality.

Choosing the right size crane involves considering the weight to be lifted and the working environment. SPT offers various models to suit different needs, ensuring there’s a crane for every task.

SPT mini cranes operate with advanced control systems, allowing precise and safe lifting. Their operation is user-friendly, focusing on efficiency and safety in various working conditions.

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