Pick and Carry Mini Crane​

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SG 80 Unit Weight 1120kg

Extendable track width

Max boom reach 4.2m with fly jib

Max lift capacity 800kg @ 1.2m

The SG80 SPT crane, known for its versatility and compact design, is an essential piece of equipment for various industries, including construction and glazing. This “Pick and Carry Crane” stands out for its maximum loading capacity of 800 kg at a 1.2m radius, complemented by a working radius of 3.0m at 400kg. This capacity can be enhanced to 4.2m with the addition of a fly jib. The SG80 further impresses with its ground lifting height of 4.2m at 600kg, extendable to 5.0m using a fly jib, and an exceptional underground lifting height of up to 145m at 800kg.

The crane’s operational efficiency is enhanced by a 3-section boom with quadrilateral box construction, allowing for an extension from 1.65m to 3.5m in just 15 seconds, and a winch system capable of a 0-15m/min hook speed. Mobility and flexibility in confined spaces are ensured by its slew system and traction capabilities, featuring a slew angle of -25° to 25° and a walking speed of 0-1.2km/h. The SG80’s adaptability for both indoor and outdoor operations is further bolstered by its optional hybrid drive, making emission-free indoor work possible. This mini crane, weighing between 1120kg and 1945kg depending on configuration, is an all-rounder in the industry, capable of performing tasks even in challenging terrain

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