Pick and Carry Mini Crane

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SPT 499 Unit

Extendable rear counter weight for increased lifting capacity

Max boom reach 10.3m with fly jib

Max lift capacity
9t @ 0.7m

The SG900 “Pick and Carry Crane” from SPT is a robust and efficient lifting solution, suitable for a wide range of industries, including construction and heavy-duty material handling. It stands out for its impressive maximum loading capacity of 9 tons at a 0.7m radius. The crane offers a substantial working radius of 8.5m at 0.5 tons and can reach a maximum lifting height of 10.3m at 1.5 tons. This makes it a versatile option for various lifting tasks.

In terms of technical specifications, the SG900 features a telescopic system with a 3+2 section boom, enabling a boom length of 5.6m to 10.9m in just 60 seconds. The boom can achieve angles from -5° to 55° in 50 seconds, enhancing its operational flexibility. The winch device of the crane operates with a hook speed of 0-8m/min and uses a rope type of Φ10mm×80m. The crane’s mobility is supported by its hydraulic travel system, allowing for speeds of up to 8km/h, and it has a good gradeability, facilitating its use in varied terrains.

The SG900 is powered by a 4-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine with a displacement of 2.19L, offering a rated output of 29.1kw at 2400min-1. This crane is also designed with operational efficiency in mind, featuring a steering wheel and a universal handle for control, along with a remote for precision tasks. Weighing around 9000kg with optional devices, the SG900 is a compact yet powerful crane, ideal for tasks requiring mobility and significant lifting capacity within confined spaces or challenging environments.

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