SPT1009 with hydraulic fly jib

Spider Mini Crane​

Discover more about the SPT 1009 Spider Crane with hydraulic fly jib

SPT 499 Unit Weight 12150kg

Wireless remote control

Max boom reach 25m with fly jib

Max lift capacity 10t @ 2.5m

The SPT1009 Spider Crane with a hydraulic fly jib is an advanced and formidable crane, tailored for heavy-duty lifting in sectors like construction and specialised projects. The integration of the hydraulic fly jib significantly extends its capabilities, especially in terms of lifting capacity and reach. This model is expected to offer an enhanced maximum loading capacity, likely differing from the standard version, particularly when the fly jib is utilized. This addition would expand its working radius beyond 23.0m and potentially increase its ground lifting height above 25.0m, adding to its versatility in various lifting scenarios.

Technically, this version retains the 5-section boom with hexagonal box construction but possibly with adjusted lengths due to the hydraulic jib. Winch device specifications, including hook speed and rope type, might also be modified to accommodate the extra capabilities provided by the jib. The crane’s 360° continuous slew angle and walking speed are likely designed to ensure stability and efficiency with the added weight and functionality of the fly jib.

The diesel engine, complemented by an optional electric motor, should offer robust power for both the crane and the added hydraulic jib. With the hydraulic jib, the total weight of the crane is expected to be higher than the standard 12100kg, reflecting the additional equipment. Designed for increased manoeuvrability and versatility, the SPT1009 with hydraulic fly jib is adept for complex lifting tasks in diverse operational environments, including challenging terrains and confined spaces.

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SPT 1009 with hydraulic fly jib features and specifications

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