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About Us

Elevate Your Industry with SPT Spider Crane's Safe and Versatile Solutions

Henan SPT Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., located China, is a prominent leader in the manufacturing of Mini Cranes, often referred to as Spider Cranes. SPT prides itself on its dedication to safety, practicality, and functionality in its products. Its crane models, including the SG-80, SG-900, SPT299, SPT499, and SPT1009, are highly respected for their quality and are a trusted brand for spider cranes by customers.

SPT adheres to a philosophy of “small but excellent, high quality, safety first,” focusing on providing effective solutions for complex work environments while prioritising worker safety. These products comply with EU standards and have significantly contributed to establishing safety benchmarks within China’s mini crane industry.

As an authorised reseller of SPT Crane’s products in Australia, we are proud to offer these top-tier mini cranes (aka spider cranes). By reselling SPT Crane’s products in Australia, we bring efficient and safe lifting solutions to the Australian market, meeting diverse industrial needs with reliability and excellence. This commitment ensures that each crane from SPT not only meets, but exceeds the high demands of modern lifting tasks, making them a valuable addition to any machinery fleet or project.

If you’re considering investing in a mini spider crane and want to ensure you select the best option for your specific needs and budget, we are here to assist you. Our team specialises in helping clients navigate our range of crane options to find the one that perfectly matches your project requirements and budget. We offer comprehensive guidance on selecting cranes, taking into account factors like operational capabilities, cost-efficiency, and compliance with industry standards. Whether you’re looking for a mini crane that specialises in limited access jobs or a more robust model for larger projects, we can help you compare the options and make an informed decision.

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Henan SPT Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. stands out in the mini crawler crane industry, offering a range of models known for their quality and safety. Their lineup includes:

  • SG-80
  • SG-900
  • SPT299
  • SPT499
  • SPT1009

These cranes are celebrated for their practicality and functionality, adhering to the company’s commitment to “small but excellent, nice quality, safety first.” This approach ensures solutions for challenging work environments while prioritizing worker safety, setting new safety standards in China’s mini crawler crane field.

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