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SPT 499 Unit Weight 11800kg

Wireless remote control

Max boom reach 20.2m

Max lift capacity 10t @ 2.5m

The SPT1009 Spider Crane is a highly capable and robust crane, ideal for heavy-duty lifting in various industries, particularly in construction and specialised projects. This crane boasts a maximum loading capacity of 10.0 tons at a 2.5m radius, making it a powerful choice for substantial lifting tasks. It has an impressive working radius of up to 23.0m and can achieve a ground lifting height of 25.0m. The crane also excels in underground lifting, with capabilities ranging from 20m (6 fall) to a remarkable 125m (1 fall), demonstrating its versatility in different lifting scenarios.

Technically, the SPT1009 is equipped with a 5-section boom featuring a hexagonal box construction, extending from 6.0m to 19.6m in 130 seconds. Its winch device allows for hook speeds between 0-12m/min (6 fall) and 0-18m/min (4 fall), with a rope type of Φ10mm×150m. The crane also features a full 360° continuous slew angle and a walking speed of up to 2.0km/h, with a grade ability of 23° (42%). Powered by a 4-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, it offers the option of an electric motor as well. The crane’s operational efficiency is further enhanced by its wireless remote control and dual-axis joystick controller, ensuring precise and user-friendly operation. Weighing around 12100kg, the SPT1009 is designed for both maneuverability and power, able to handle complex lifting tasks in diverse environments.

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