The Power of Pick and Carry Cranes: SG80 and SG900 in Action

When it comes to moving heavy loads efficiently on construction sites or in industrial settings, pick and carry cranes like our SG80 and SG900 are invaluable. So, can these machines actually pick up a load and carry it? Absolutely, and here’s why they are the go-to choice for tradies and site managers everywhere.

Pick and carry cranes are designed to perform exactly as their name suggests. Unlike stationary cranes that require setup and teardown time for each move, these cranes can lift a load, then move to another location without the need to re-anchor. This capability is crucial in fast-paced environments where time is money and efficiency is everything.

The SG80, for instance, is perfect for indoor and tight-space operations. It can navigate through narrow corridors and lift loads up to 800 kg to heights of 5.0 m or more, making it ideal for moving materials in warehouses or manufacturing plants. Its compact size conceals its strength and agility, ensuring that even the most challenging spaces are accessible.

The model above the SG80, the SG900 is built for larger-scale tasks. With a massive 9-ton capacity at a close radius and the ability to extend its reach up to 10.9 m, this crane tackles the heavy lifting required on big job sites like commercial construction projects or large infrastructure developments. Its robust design and powerful engine mean that no task is too big, and its versatility ensures it can deliver materials exactly where needed, quickly and safely.

The real benefit of using the SG80 and SG900 lies in their ability to reduce downtime. With these cranes, tradies and site managers can keep their projects moving without the interruptions typical of traditional crane setups. They streamline processes, enhance productivity, and ultimately, save on costs by reducing the manpower and time typically required for moving materials.

These cranes not only answer the question of whether you can “pick and carry” a load effectively—they redefine how quickly and efficiently work can be done, proving themselves as valuable assets in the logistics of modern construction and industrial operations. Whether it’s shifting heavy machinery across a site or hoisting structural components into place, pick and carry cranes like the SG80 and SG900 demonstrate time and again that they are up to the challenge.

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