How Much Can a Mini Crane Lift?

Unpacking the Power of Compact Lifting

In the world of construction and industrial work, mini cranes are indispensable tools. They offer the muscle to move heavy materials in confined spaces, where larger cranes simply wouldn’t fit. But not all mini cranes are created equal—factors like brand quality, design, and technological innovation can significantly impact their capabilities. So how much can a mini crane lift?

Understanding Mini Cranes and how much can a mini crane lift.

Mini cranes are designed to operate in restricted spaces and come with various features that make them ideal for indoor projects, city environments, and sensitive floors where heavy equipment can cause damage. The key to their versatility lies in their compact size combined with surprising lifting power. The build quality of a mini crane also plays a critical role in its performance. Top-quality materials, cutting-edge design, and robust construction help ensure that these cranes can handle near their maximum load capacity safely and efficiently.

Spotlight on our SPT Cranes

SPT cranes are renowned for their exceptional build quality, which includes using high-grade materials and innovative engineering practices to enhance their durability and performance. The thorough design process ensures each crane model meets strict safety standards and is capable of performing in harsh environments without compromising on efficiency. This focus on quality not only extends the lifespan of the cranes but also ensures they remain reliable and effective for a range of lifting tasks.
To illustrate just how effective mini cranes can be, let’s explore three models from SPT Cranes, each tailored for different lifting needs:

SPT299 Mini Crane:
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: Up to 2.95 tons when working close to the base.
  • Reach and Flexibility: With a maximum height of 14.5 meters using the fly jib, it’s perfect for medium-range lifting tasks.

SPT499 Mini Crane:
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: Boasts a lifting capability of 5.0 tons at close quarters.
  • Operational Range: This model extends up to 22 meters, offering impressive height for more extensive site projects.

SPT1009 Mini Crane:
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: Impressive 10 tons at minimal radius, demonstrating its substantial power.
  • Reach Capacity: With a reach of up to 25 meters, it suits heavy-duty lifting in larger construction environments.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Mini Crane

Selecting the appropriate mini crane can significantly enhance operational efficiency. Mini cranes not only save space but also reduce the need for multiple types of equipment on-site. Their ability to be transported easily and set up quickly makes them indispensable for urgent projects. Furthermore, mini cranes like those from SPT ensure high precision in lifting tasks, reducing the risk of damage to materials and structures.

These cranes show how modern machinery can adapt to various work environments. Whether it’s the sturdy SPT1009 handling major construction loads or the more agile SPT299 manoeuvring in tighter spaces, these cranes ensure that projects can be completed smoothly and efficiently. By choosing the right crane, like those us here at SPT, your businesses can maximise its operational efficiency, ensuring that even the heaviest of tasks are handled efficiently and with ease.

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how much can a mini crane lift?

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Pick and Carry


Unit Weight 1120kg

Extendable track width

Max boom reach 4.2m with fly jib

Max lift capacity 800kg @ 1.2m



Unit Weight 9000kg

Hydraulic lufting and telescoping Jib

Max boom reach 10.3m with fly jib

Max lift capacity 9t @ 0.7m

SG 80

SG 80

SG 80


Pick and Carry

299 Series

Diesel and 3phase electric or full electric battery.

Unit Weight 2980kg.

Hydraulic lufting and telescoping Jib.

Wireless remote control.

Max boom  reach 14.5m with fly jib.

Max lift capacity 2.95t @ 1.4m.


E Series – Battery Powered

SPT<br> 299


SPT 299<br> Hydraulic Jib

SPT 299
Hydraulic Jib

SPT<br> 299E


SPT 299E <br>Hydraulic Jib

SPT 299E
Hydraulic Jib

499 Series

Standard with diesel and 3 phase electric motor.

Unit Weight 6450kg.

Hydraulic lufting and telescoping Jib.

Wireless remote control.

Max boom  reach 22m with fly jib.

Max lift capacity 5t @ 3m. 

SPT<br> 499


SPT 499 <br>Hydraulic Jib

SPT 499
Hydraulic Jib

1009 Series

Standard with diesel and 3phase electric motor

Unit Weight 12150kg

Hydraulic lufting and telescoping Jib

Wireless remote control

Max boom  reach 25m with fly jib

Max lift capacity 10t @ 2.5m

SPT <br>1009


SPT 1009<br> Hydraulic Jib

SPT 1009
Hydraulic Jib